How To Feed Your French Bulldog ?

Typical French Bulldog is very small, loves to play with his owner (hates to be ignored ) and generally makes lovable companion! They are not demanding when it comes to exercise needs. As any other dog, it is their natural instinct to love the outdoors and playing with people, but Frenchies are just as good at sitting around doing nothing but being their cute and adorable selves.

Every dog has its own energy level, depending on his personality and age. His activity level, age and general health are something to be considered when planning a dog’s nutrition. Most French Bulldogs are not that different from other dogs and need food that is easy to digest, full of lean animal proteins, complex carbohydrates and contains a variety of fruits and vegetables. Most Frenchies need just a few relatively short walks a day. However, it does not matter if the dog is hyperactive or a bit more lazy type, he needs protein that is made from muscle meat. It should not, by any circumstances, contain the word “byproduct”. After all, processed food is no good for humans, so why should it be any better for dogs. His meal must contain protein that has nutritional value. That is the only way your dog will have the necessary energy supply throughout the day.
Complex carbohydrates are important part of nutrition because they stabilize blood sugar level. Feeding the dog sweets and other food that contains simple carbohydrates will result in burning them too quickly and it will cause sugar level to drop. That is why you should give your Frenchie food like brown rice, potatoes and other vegetables that will maintain his blood sugar level and release the energy gradually during the day.
Unbalanced nutrition will often reflect on your dog’s coat. Besides protein and complex carbohydrates, well-balanced diet should include healthy fats, such as omega fatty acids. You can find those in fish. Also, let us not forget vitamins and minerals. If you want your dogs coat to be shiny and soft, instead of being dry and brittle, different kinds of vegetables must be part of your little friend’s daily menu.
 As you probably know, French Bulldogs have quite a few heath challenges. One of them is allergies, both airborne and those relating food intolerance. When it comes to bad reaction to food, most common symptoms are skin irritation, rashes, itchiness, vomiting or diarrhea.  Just like humans, your dog could be allergic to some kind of food, such as corn or soy, but in most cases, they are actually allergic to fillers found in processed food. These filler are used to add mass to the product, but have no nutritional value and are difficult to digest. The best way to save your dog from this kind of suffering is avoiding fillers and giving him whole food ingredients.
Another problem that occurs in some Frenchies is hypothyroidism.  It means that the thyroid does not produce enough hormones. Just like in people, this condition results in low energy levels, so dogs that suffer from it are less active and more prone to gaining weight.  Even when this condition is treated by taking extra hormones in a form of a medication, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of daily exercise and nutrition rich in lean proteins and complex carbs. 

Obesity is generally a common problem in small dogs, such as French Bulldog. Because of their compact built and the fact they have brachiocephalic snouts (they have trouble breathing and cooling in hot weather) Frenchies have a bit limited exercising options during the summer.  That is why it is the owner’s responsibility to prevent obesity with proper exercise and balanced nutrition of his pet.


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